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VanEck Files New Application for Spot Bitcoin ETF – CoinDesk

Jun 30, 2022 — Grayscale Investments’ proposal to convert its Bitcoin BTC +1.9% ETF into a spot ETF was rejected by the US Securities and Exchange …(1)

Jul 18, 2022 — Context: A spot bitcoin ETF is one that can be bought on a standard securities exchange, and based on the actual price of bitcoin (not a …(2)

Jun 30, 2022 — “Spot bitcoin ETFs trade based on the price of bitcoin itself, while futures-based ETFs trade based on the price of CME’s bitcoin futures …(3)

Jul 29, 2022 — Securities and Exchange Commission approval for a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund is a question of “when, not if,” but the when part …(4)

Jun 28, 2022 — The deadline for US regulators to rule on Grayscale Investments LLC’s campaign to convert its Bitcoin trust into a spot ETF is just days away on …(5)

Jul 27, 2022 — The Securities and Exchange Commission has again rejected spot bitcoin ETF applications from Grayscale, Bitwise, SkyBridge and others.(6)

May 3, 2022 — institute those comprehensive surveillance agreements with the ETF listing exchanges, they will get a crypto spot ETF.” But there-in lies the …(7)

Jul 12, 2022 — Jul 12, 2022 Ark Invest partnered with Europe-based ETF issuer 21Shares to file for a spot Bitcoin ETF listed on Cboe BZX Exchange in 2021, but the SEC …(8)

Jun 30, 2022 — Jacobi Asset Management has announced it will launch a European spot bitcoin ETF this July. The exchange-traded fund will be named the …(9)

Jul 28, 2022 — [8] “A spot bitcoin ETF would trade based on the price of bitcoin, as opposed to futures ETFs, which trade based on the price of bitcoin futures …(10)

Aug 17, 2022 — Monochrome Bitcoin Fund will release another spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in Australia with a unique form of regulatory approval, …(11)

The world’s first Bitcoin ETF. Own a piece of history with the first physically settled Bitcoin ETF available to investors. Find out how.(12)

Jun 7, 2022 — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing an application to convert the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) into an ETF, among others.(13)

Jun 30, 2022 — “We hold firm in our belief that converting GBTC to a spot Bitcoin ETF remains the best option for investors,” Grayscale added. “It would …(14)

Grayscale Sues SEC Over Rejection of Proposed Spot Bitcoin …

Jun 30, 2022 — Grayscale’s proposed spot bitcoin ETF fails to meet the required standard to prevent fraud and manipulation, the SEC said; The asset manager …(15)

Jun 30, 2022 — The SEC rejected the widely watched application from Grayscale Investments to turn its Bitcoin trust into a spot Bitcoin ETF.(16)

If a spot Bitcoin ETF were approved, that would allow institutional traders a more robust liquid market and more tools to manipulate the spot market. Another …(17)

Jul 1, 2022 — Days after Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF application was rejected, investment Firm VanEck has filed a new application with the SEC.(18)

Aug 18, 2022 — While the U.S. has approved several future-based Bitcoin ETFs, the country has continued to reject all applications for a spot-based Bitcoin ETF …(19)

Aug 17, 2022 — Monochrome Bitcoin Fund will release another spotbitcoin exchangetraded fund (ETF) in Australia with a unique form of regulatory approval, …(20)

The Securities and Exchange Commission has shot down two spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund proposals, continuing a trend of rejections from the US …(21)

Aug 9, 2022 — … Grayscale® Bitcoin Trust (OTCQX: GBTC) to a spot Bitcoin ETF. … the SEC Disapproves Proposed Grayscale Investments’ Spot Bitcoin ETF.(22)

Jul 1, 2022 — Investment firm VanEck has filed an application for a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange …(23)

BITO | Bitcoin Strategy ETF – ProShares

The fund does not invest directly in bitcoin. The price and performance of bitcoin futures should be expected to differ from the current “spot” price of bitcoin …(24)

Jun 30, 2022 — A spot bitcoin ETF is comprised of bitcoin or assets related to bitcoin’s price. Proponents of a spot bitcoin ETF approval have argued the …(25)

A Bitcoin ETF is an exchange-traded fund that tracks the price of Bitcoin, either through spot markets, derivatives, or Bitcoin ownership.(26)

Grayscale had filed its application last year, with the SEC postponing its decision multiple times, but the firm had remained steadfast in its resolve to try to …(27)

Jul 20, 2022 — Grayscale argues in their lawsuit that the SEC has already approved a bitcoin futures ETF, and a bitcoin spot ETF is very much the same as a …(28)

Jul 25, 2022 — Investors looking for a more regulated way to invest in crypto can … or for non-U.S. ETFs, spot cryptocurrency in offline storage.(29)

Jul 14, 2022 — But it has approved Bitcoin ETFs linked to bitcoin futures contracts. Countries such as Canada, Brazil and Dubai offer Bitcoin spot ETFs.(30)

Jun 30, 2022 — The U.S. securities regulator on Wednesday rejected a proposal to list a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) by Grayscale, one of the …(31)

Jul 19, 2022 — Plenty of U.S. investors would love to see a spot Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded fund (ETF), but the only opinions that matter are those of …(32)

US SEC rejects Grayscale’s proposal to list spot bitcoin ETF

Jun 30, 2022 — US regulators have denied Grayscale Investments LLC’s bid to convert the world’s biggest crypto trust into an exchange-traded fund.(33)

Grayscale sues SEC after its spot Bitcoin ETF is rejected. Jun. 30, 2022 4:17 AM ETGrayscale Bitcoin Trust (BTC) (GBTC), BTC-USD, COIN, MSTRBy: Yoel Minkoff …(34)

Jun 30, 2022 — Grayscale Investments said it had sued the US Securities and Exchange Commission after the agency rejected a bid to convert its Bitcoin …(35)

Jun 24, 2022 — 1. Commenters want a spot Bitcoin ETF · 2. ETFs that hold Bitcoin futures are not enough · 3. A wide cross-section of investors shared their views.(36)

Despite the continuous expansion of the crypto market, the SEC has been hesitant with the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF.(37)

8 hours ago — The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has delayed a bitcoin spot ETF application by VanEck, pushing back the decision …(38)

Jun 29, 2022 — Grayscale decries SEC’s series of rulings against spot bitcoin ETFs as ‘arbitrary and capricious’. The U.S. Securities and Exchange …(39)

In November, the commission rejected a VanEck spot Bitcoin ETF, and as recently as March 2022, it shot down offerings by NYDIG and Global X. Thus, ETFs that …(40)

May 5, 2022 — American investors will have to wait until at least 2023 for a spot bitcoin ETF because the SEC is fighting the Commodity Futures Trading …(41)

Bitwise spot Bitcoin ETF: Despite growing demand, SEC …

Apr 24, 2022 — The Securities and Exchange’s (SEC) relationship with spot Bitcoin ETF applicants continues to take interesting turns with this new …(42)

Jun 14, 2022 — Securities regulators in the U.S. are likely keeping a close eye on Canada’s spot Bitcoin ETFs to gauge how the funds perform relative to BTC …(43)

Aug 16, 2022 — BlackRock said: “It is worth adding that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has yet to approve an application for a spot bitcoin ETP.(44)

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